In order to remain abreast with the competition in market, it is very essential for businesses to have a strong corporate identity. An impressionable brand identity helps in etching the products and services in users’ minds. Besides good plan, services, financing and hardworking people, a strong corporate identity help in leveraging the company to desired heights. It is like the ‘Face’ of your company that is very essential to lure the customers; even when you are not there to do the talking. This can be done with the help of logo designs, letterheads, business presentation, website and business cards.

The Corporate Identity creation service of KlickMagic spells a great assimilation of comprehension, conglomerated with great design aspect to reach at great results. Our team tries to analyse your objectives, and also the target audience that you intend to capture. Based on this data; designs are created keeping in mind the colour schemes, fonts and typography so that the end results are worth remembering!

Corporte Identity Services


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Business Card Design

Business cards are show windows for organizations. This is a kind of marketing strategy that goes a long way in delineating a positive image of the corporate. The services of KlickMagic rendered in this regard; ensure that it is able to establish its clients in a unique manner with the help of these. We discovered that effective (and by effective, I mean profit-generating!) business card design is more than just the look of the card, although that’s important. Business cards that bring in business need to be carefully worded as well, with the goals of the specific recipient in mind. Type of Business Card Corporate Card Designer Card Conceptual Card Theme based Card Innovative Card

Brochure Designing

The Brochure Design Services of KlickMagic are vanguard of its marketing strategies. These are not only the source of providing information to the customers; rather they are subtle marketing means that reinforce your position as in comparison your competitors. Our one stop solution for the brochure design services offer immense potential for creating a preeminent spot for our customers. Some of the highlights of our brochure designs are shown below: We believe that portraying a good brochure design requires fine balancing of design concept along with understanding the objectives of the clients. Our competent team carefully analyses the requirements to come up with designs most appropriate for them. Though there are many kinds of brochures like Bi/Tri Fold, Gate/Z Fold, Inserts, Flyers, Catalogues, Pamphlets, leaflets and booklets...we try to evaluate the aptness of each design according to your requirements to deliver something that is not only visually attractive but offers functionality too. Why KlickMagic? We deliver prompt results coupled with best quality We ensure 100% satisfaction guarantee We have professionals creating the concept who are aware of all the nuances. Therefore the results delivered are unsurpassed We believe in providing customizable designs to suit customer satisfaction, we do not use any kind of templates We offer the capacity of creating email able or downloadable brochures in PDF formats

Print Advertising

The Services of Print Advertising of KlickMagic are yet another method by which we are able to do branding for our clients. Print Advertisement in the form of business cards, magazine, newsletter, leaflets, folders, reports and brochure are all done here, and our portfolio underneath shows the rich print material variety that is available with us. Our creative and innovative graphics stand a class apart. They not only help leverage our clients to the success path but we are able to do it in a manner that we enable them to stand apart from the competition... in a totally different league all together! Our competent team of illustrator, graphic designers, and copywriter ensure that the results delivered by us are nonpareil. We provide good assimilation of talent to show results for corporate branding, corporate literature, Exhibitions, logos, and illustrations. Our team is driven by principle that a powerful visual impact goes beyond words, therefore we try to create a Print that does the talking on behalf of our clients...Thus making it the most appropriate medium for advertising and marketing. Well that is the magic of KlickMagic!

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