E-commerce Website Development

Our team has expertise in most of the e-commerce platforms like PHP, Magento, and WordPress.

E-commerce Website Maintenance

We provide complete E-commerce portal maintenance, which includes updates, error rectification, backups and other maintenance services.

Payment Gateway Integration

Our team has expertise to integrate every kind of payment gateway system with portal for online payments.

Vendor Management

We develop and integrate vendor management systems flawlessly.

Plug-in Development

We create WordPress Plug-ins as per your needs. These are created from scratch and added to your WordPress website in order to make them unique. You can use these for multiple websites and sell as well.

Plug-in Customization

If some features are lacking in your current plug-ins, tell us; and we will customize your current plug-in and make it to your likings.

Installation and Set-up

You have purchased a theme, but not able to understand its set-up and installation procedures. Tell us, we will handle all these technicalities and give support after making the site live as well!

Compatibility Issues

At times some plug-ins do not work well with some themes. Here we need to customize them to make them compatible. If you are facing this problem, feel free to come to us. We have solutions for these too.

API Integration

API integration is required when you are dealing with external data and services. We have expertise to incorporate these APIs in your websites.

Add-on Development

You are having problems with multiple plug-ins not working well with your theme? Then you need an add-on which will make the plug-ins compatible with your theme. We build these add-ons.

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